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Keystore Less Encryption Field / Sub-field and Document Encryption Advanced Querying Capabilities
KeyStore-less Encryption: No reliance on keys or data masking
Encryption with No Reliance on a Keystore: Without a Keystore or keyholder, there is nothing to crack in order to gain database entry
AI-driven Encryption: Enables dynamic key creation using transient keys that are destroyed after each transaction
AI-driven: Each data field encryption process is managed by AI algorithms for a uniquely derived, in-memory key
Field or Sub Field Encryption: Providing field level security, removing these fields from the source, and storing the encrypted data separately
Field, Sub Field & Document: Renders internal or external data theft complex and time-consuming
Advanced Search Algorithms: Full-text search or SQL query on encrypted data without a decryption prerequisite
Advanced Search Algorithms Deliver Data Access: Full-text queries can be run across all encrypted data without decryption
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